Natasha Trenev, Founder and President
ProTren Probiotics


Listen as she welcomes you to ProTren, sharing the uniqueness of ProTren's probiotic and CBD solutions, and why we would love to partner with you to serve your patients needs with the highest quality and speciality manufactured products in the market! 

Doctor & Patient


Your health is our priority.


ProTren Intelligent Solutions are a premium line of professional strength series probiotics and CBD products formulated to support your overall health and wellness.


ProTren specializes in manufacturing the highest quality pharmaceutical grade probiotic supplements and the highest quality CBD products in the market, continuing to set a global standard of excellence, second to none in the dietary supplements industry.


Why did ProTren decide to launch CBD Solutions?
ProTren Founder and Developmental Scientist, Natasha Trenev became aware of the devastating effect of opioid addiction in the US, and the lack of quality natural CBD solutions to support those that were suffering.


Upon fielding many inquiries from doctors, patients, and consumers asking her to provide advice and guidance to help them, she was driven to get involved based on the lack of regulation in the CBD market, inconsistency of product testing, rampant false claims, lack of quality control, suspect ingredient quality and ineffective formulations.


Natasha collaborated with leading scientists and doctors to launch ProTren Intelligent CBD Solutions with the same mission and express purpose that she has brought to her Pharmaceutical Grade Probiotics-to bring to market products that are:

  • proven to be effective
  • manufactured with premium ingredients
  • guaranteed pure and effective with every dose
  • formulated with over 40 years of developmental science background
  • rigorously tested from raw materials to end batch

ProTren is committed to supporting health care practitioners and their patients through education, accessibility, quality, and designated expert sales consultants.


We stand by our mission of developing, manufacturing and distributing our proprietary blend of pharmaceutical grade quality probiotics and premium CBD solutions to health care professionals and their patients. As experts in probiotics, we utilize our unmatched protective probiotic delivery system.


Please contact a ProTren expert sales consultant today to learn more about how ProTren can help you and your patients.

ProTren Microbiologically Pure
ProTren Intestine
ProTren Contaminant Free

ProTren Probiotic Stories


"ProTren is the best quality, most effective probiotic line availablehave never endorsed any company or product before in my 35 year history of preventative medical work."
~Al Czap Founder, Former Owner and CEO, Thorne Research
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"I have found your probiotics to be extremely helpful Our experience at the University of Alberta has been nothing short of stellar and we will continue to use your probiotic products to assist in the care of our patients."
~Jaggi Rao, MD, FRCPC, Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine Dermatology Residency Program Director, University of Alberta
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"I believe their commitment to excellence and product reliability is unsurpassed in this industry.  I am pleased to recommend their products to my patients and colleagues."
~Mark H. Mellow, MD Medical Director, Integris Digestive Health Center
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"Without your range of probiotics I am absolutely sure I would not have built such a strong practice…No matter what the problem your probiotic range is always among the foundational prescription to get my patients well and keep them well."
~Dr. Alan Profke, Naturopathic Physician, Australia and Vanuatu, Past & Founding President of the Queensland Naturopathic Assn Fellow Member ANTA (Australian Naturopathic Association), Profkes Naturopathic Clinic Pty. Ltd.
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